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Kids Achievements Temporary Tattoos

Kids Achievements Temporary Tattoos

From first day at school to mastering new skills, celebrate every milestone with our Kids' Achievements Tattoos! Safe, vibrant, and easy to apply, these skin-friendly tattoos make rewards fun and memorable. Perfect for parents, teachers, and coaches, they're a delightful way to acknowledge and motivate!

1 Set - 85 Tattoos

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Celebrate Milestones.

From learning to tie shoelaces to mastering a new skill, our tattoos are ideal for celebrating first-time achievements. Each time a child accomplishes something new, reward them with a temporary tattoo consequently, symbolizing their success and encouraging them to keep trying new things.

Reinforce Positive Behavior.

Our tattoos are a fantastic tool for promoting and reinforcing positive behavior in children. Whether it's being kind to others, completing chores, or following instructions. Reward good behavior with a special tattoo that acknowledges efforts and therefore, encourages continued development.

Continue the conversation.

Achievement tattoos are a reminder of accomplishment which lasts, to be proudly displayed to friends, family, and peers. This certainly helps continue the conversation and recognition for their achievement long after the event.


Our tattoos are designed to be used in various settings such as, at home, in school, while in the car and more. Whether it's a classroom reward system,  a trip to the store or a family celebration, our temporary tattoos add an extra element of acknowledgement and reward for some of the important moments life.

Safe and Skin-Friendly. 

Our tattoos are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are gentle on the skin therefore, making them suitable for golfers of all ages. They are easy to apply and remove, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Long-Lasting and Waterproof.

Our tattoos are withstand daily activities, including swimming, playing sports and also, bathing. They are waterproof and durable which ensure that the tattoos stay vibrant and intact for an extended period, allowing children to proudly display their achievements.

Fun Rewards!

Tattoos are fun to use and kids love receiving them as rewards.

Create Conversations.

With a tattoo as a visual cue, others have the opportunity join in the encouragement.

Set Goals.

Use the tattoo titles as ideas to set goals for behavior and achievements.

"It so great that my child can receive positive feedback from so many people!"


  • Achievements

    Celebrate 1st time achievements .

  • Conversations

    Create conversations about good behaviors.

  • Motivation

    Set goals and reach new milestones.

  • More Fun!

    Kids love receiving and showing off their tattoos .

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Julia P
Daughters teacher loves them!

I got these to go in the “treasure box” in my daughters preK classroom. The designs and encouragement are perfect for the classroom and her teacher loved them! Once I saw all the designs I wished I had gotten 2 sets because they are wonderful reinforcers for good manners, chores, kindness, and just general fun. 10/10 love!

Works great but the actual sayings are kind of odd

I know it literally says Good Behavior tattoos... but they are temporary tattoos that say "1st time Brushing Teeth!" and stuff like that. Which is totally understandable, but at the same time, they feel like if someone made participation trophies into tattoos. Our toddler loves them and they work, but I just wish they had maybe more symbols instead of words on them. They're just kind of strange and not entirely what I thought i was ordering.

Mira DMira D
Definitely recommend

Quick and easy to use. The kids love them. They love showing them off to everyone and anyone on what they did best that day. They wear them proud like a badge of honor. Definitely recommend. Seem to be high quality too. Most tattoos are more matte these are more shiny as seen in pictures above. Definitely recommend.

Fun stickers for the kids!

My kids like these temp tattoos! The tattoos are very situational, and there are several tattoos that are useless to me. I don't think that deserves to lose a star, because that is just my case. All of the tattoos were shown in the pictures so they were up front about what you get. I also think this helps motivates parents! I set up a paint activity to correlate with the great painter tattoo as well as bought a STEM project to reward my kids with the 1st Science Experiment tattoo. My recommendation is to buy one set for each kid so they don't fight over who gets the tattoo.

ItalianCypress ü´í
They crack shortly after application.

Hello friends, I selected this 85 piece temporary kids tattoos for good behavior.So a stash of these will be going to my nephews because they are little kids who really love to learn. The achievements are very interesting. Some of them are real obvious what others are not like, I tried sushi. I like that. They're very bright on the skin but unfortunately they crack so quickly. I'm not quite sure what can be done to stop that. The kids don't care and they ultimately just last for the day. Some of them are so funny though that I would like to give them to adults for a good laugh. Especially the one that says I didn't complain today. I think these would be fantastic for a homeschooling family. They would be an additional teaching tool. On a side note, as a younger person, I didn't like wearing temporary tattoos because of how they would get damaged. I I started a tradition of taking the temporary tattoos and placing them on a shoe box as I received them. I still have that shoe box today. It is covered in little tattoos. It's a really great idea for anyone who's interested. The kinds of tattoos like these that do not do well on skin. Do even better on shoe boxes. It might be an option for you to take a shoebox and have a child earn the tattoos only to place them on the box. Just a thought. I can see how these would be perfect for that. When the child receives the tattoo it has to be read backwards as it is face down on the paper. For children who cannot read backwards yet, it would be a surprise for them to apply the tattoo and reveal their achievement. I think they're really nice but I will be deducting a star for the cracking as they are intended to be skin tattoos.